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We can help Veterans that are struggling financially

Please join me and help by donating today. You can lose it all in a blink of an eye

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As a Combat Veteran, I have seen a lot. I have struggled in many ways since returning. One thing Veterans have in common is our personal pride. Many do not like to ask for help. Many may not know HOW to ask for help or WHERE to go.

In 2013, my wife was laid off from her job. We instantly lost a very significant amount of income. About 3 weeks later, I ended up getting a blood clot in my lung. Because of my job as a bus driver, the National Department of Transportation laws state that I was not allowed to operate a commercial vehicle (a bus in my case) for 3 months. So we lost 2 incomes at about the same time. Unemployment did not come close to being enough to pay the bills. So we hustled the best we could to try and keep our heads above water.

During that whole process, we had both cars repossessed. Luckily, our credit union was generous enough to give us a loan just big enough to get one of them back. The mortgage on the house fell almost 3 months behind. And the utilities were rapidly falling behind as well. We received monthly shut off notices. We had to rob Peter to pay Paul so to speak.

Pride is a funny thing. It can be embarrassing to ask for financial help as an adult. Like many Veterans, my pride outweighed my need to ask for help. I really didn't know where to turn. I did not know there were organizations like this to help. Here we are, almost 5 years later, finally getting our heads back above water. While it is not the end of the world, it would have been nice to have some help.

Running 26.2 miles always kinda intrigued me, but I always told myself that I'd only run that far if my life was in danger. Even then, I'd probably just give in around mile 3. But this is a cause I genuinely believe in. If running this distance can help just one Veteran, I'm in. So, please, join me in supporting real change. Let's support good in the world and make a difference. Help us provide a financial safety net for injured veterans and their families for SALUTE INC

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for SALUTE INC