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We can assist injured veterans with everyday bills like rent, utilities, food and car payments.

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$1,750 towards $1,750

I've been fired up about becoming a Marine Corps Officer for as long as I can remember -- both to honor my late grandfather a Marine himself, Sergeant Jack Bardwick, and to serve this country I love so much. My desired service was cut short this past year when I was medically disqualified from the Marine Corps Officer program.

It was by far one of the hardest realities I've had to cope with to date. But that reality is not half as hard as our military men and women and their families have it as they cope with the fear of the unknown caused by deployment, and returning home. That's why the mission of SALUTE, INC. resonates with me.

SALUTE, INC. was founded in 2003 by a Navy veteran and his wife who experienced the emotional and financial trials of raising a family with a deployed partner, and wanted to give back to others in the same situation. Since its inception, SALUTE, INC. has provided over $3.8 million in direct aid to veterans and their families in time of need.

Our veterans often, tragically, return home with Traumatic Brain Injuries, PTSD, and other injuries or disabilities. This makes it hard, sometimes impossible, to return to their families, "normal" civilian life, and at times maintain gainful employment.

They need support from their families, friends, and communities to readjust. They also need support from us. The funds we raise will enable SALUTE, INC. to deliver the short term financial assistance to post 9/11 veterans who desperately need to bridge temporary income gaps. They provide services in many forms including bill payments for rent, utilities, food, and car payments.

Even though I'm now redirecting career-wise, my love of country and desire to support our military men and women is as strong as ever. As a hopeful OCS (Officer Candidate School) applicant, I had to run. A lot. More than I ever thought possible having been a 300 lb defensive tackle. I owe these lessons to the Marine OCS application process, and specifically my recruiter Captain Lyons, and good friend 1st Lieutenant Albertini. So, in true Marine Corps fashion, I've identified a way in which I can still serve our military, even though I cannot directly participate. I've committed to running the Chicago Marathon this October as an athlete for SALUTE, INC. and raising money to support our troops. A lot. Hopefully $1,750 with your help.

Join me in giving support to our veterans and their families. Even a small donation goes a long way!

Give to support those who gave everything to keep us free.

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