Eddie Brambila
Eddie Brambila's Fundraiser

I am running the 2020 Chicago Marathon for charity and hope to raise funds that will assist injured veterans with everyday bills like rent, utilities, food and car payments.

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.

$250 towards $1,250

Sometimes it's the little unexpected things that can make life hard and take us off course. Not having savings to pay for a car repair can lead to not being able to go to work, to losing a job, to struggling even more. Our service members and their families deserve our support while they are in the military and even more when they come back injured and are trying to get their life back in the civilian world. It can't be easy.

Join me in supporting real change where we can. Let's make a difference in the world and help us provide a financial safety net for injured veterans and their families.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for SALUTE INC